Memories of TDY to Takhli Royal Thai Air Base '73


BarbedWire Across Road near Front Gate

I don't remember exactly where this was taken, but I think that it was near the front gate.

Taken near the Big Teak Elephant at Thai BX

This was taken near the Big Teak Elephant at the "Thai BX".

Our Hootch at Takhli R.T.A.B.

This is the inside of the hootch where we lived when we first arrived at Takhli.  We were later moved to the "Thai Officer's Quarters" across from the tennis/racquetball courts.

Thai Officer's Quarters near the tennis/racquetball courts

This was taken from the landing of the "Thai Officer's Quarters".  We were relocated here after being kicked out of our hootch.

F-111 Fully Loaded With 500 Pounders

This is an F-111 Roadrunner after we finished loading it with 500 pounders.  We used to write not-so-funny little sayings on the sides of the bombs.


I think this was a picture of the Base Exchange.  It was taken near the square, by the chow hall.

Thai Guard Tower on Hill at edge of Takhli

This was one of the guard towers on the base's perimeter.  There was a story going around when I was there that one of the Thai guards was shot up in that tower for falling asleep on duty.  I don't know if it was true or not.

Thai Barracks near the

This was the Thai aircrew barracks, near the "Thai BX".